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By Cascabel Wellness

November 30, 2022 - 2 minute read

When it comes to sleep and insomnia, there seem to be hundreds of tips that will help you relax as it inches closer to bedtime.

One tip almost every article misses, however, is adding hemp supplements to your sleep routine. The recent buzz around hemp and hemp-infused products (including hemp gummies, soft gels, tinctures, and teas) is at an all-time high. But are hemp-infused products good for sleep? If you’re asking me, my answer is a solid yes


Here’s what my bedtime routine typically looked like before taking hemp products: Surprisingly, falling asleep was never my problem. After laying in bed, it would take no more than five minutes for me to fall asleep. My problem was staying asleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night without fail, and no matter what I did, I could not fall back asleep again. 
Sleep tips I tried in hopes that they’d help me fall back asleep included reading a book, stretching, and meditation. Unfortunately, these would leave me feeling much more anxious and stressed. I did a little Googling, and I came across several blog articles and videos about how hemp-infused products were helping people sleep, relieve anxiety symptoms, and even soothe physical ailments. 
So I decided, why not let’s try hemp and see what it’s all about? 

Do hemp-infused gummies help with sleep? 

I tried my first hemp-infused gummy on a Sunday night and, almost instantly, started feeling its positive effects. From that Sunday on, I added gummies to my sleep routine and have slept soundly through the night for the past month and a half. After a peaceful seven hours of sleep, I wake up every day feeling refreshed and clear-minded. 

I should add that my sleep routine isn’t the only area of my life that has improved. Throughout my day, I’ve noticed I’m more focused, my thoughts are less chaotic, and I am more patient and open to the day’s possibilities. All around, I’ve started to feel more balanced and stable. 

Set yourself up for a good night’s rest



Adding hemp-infused gummies to my sleep routine has been a game-changer. With that said, it’s essential to maintain your sleep routine and set yourself up for a good night’s rest. Hemp supplements support you and your established habits so you can wake up feeling your best.

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